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Eletskaya sapogovalyalnaya factory, LLC

Адрес: Липецкая область, г. Елец, ул. Маяковского, 29
Телефон: +7 (47467) 2-43-50, +7 (920) 510-73-89
О производителе

“Eletskaya sapogovalyalnaya factory” LLC specializes in manufacture and sales of felt shoes and boots. The company operates according to ancient technologies of production of felt boots — only sheep wool and water are used. Boots of Eletskaya sapogovalyalnaya factory are loved and worn not only in Russia but also in Europe. Elets original felt boots — “valenki” — with ornaments and embroidery are not just great winter footwear, but also a perfect gift.


There is also a warehouse where you can get acquainted with the products and buy valenki at competitive prices.


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