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Naran, LLC

Адрес: Республика Бурятия, г. Улан-Удэ, ул. Борсоева, д. 89
Телефон: 8(3012) 33-32-26
О производителе

“Naran” sewing factory LLC began its work in November 2010. The main activity of the factory is production of mattresses, blankets, pillows, and bed linen. The assortment of each category of products is very diverse. Clothes manufacture is equipped with modern Japanese and German equipment. In the production process of mattresses, blankets and pillows there are used the following materials:

  • unbleached calico
  • polycotton
  • tick

including the following types of fillers:

  • wadding
  • fleece
  • sintepon
  • holofibre

All products are available in stock or is made for orders as soon as possible.

We offer our customers a complex supply of soft inventory, since we have our own production lines of bed linen.

Through a combination of our high-quality products and affordable prices we often cooperate with budget organizations for supply of soft inventory to sanatorium, medical, and pre-school institutions.

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