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Sever, LLC

Адрес: Чувашская Республика, г. Канаш, пер. Больничный д.7
Телефон: 8 (83533) 2-18-88
Факс: 8 (83533) 2-18-88
О производителе

“Sever” (“North”) as an independent company formed on the basis of a combine of consumer services in April 1992. The number of employees now stands at 77 people. Kanashskaya felt fabric “Sever” mainly employs highly skilled workers, who have been gaining experience for over 20 years. “Sever” is engaged in production of various assortment of felt footwear: boots for men, boots for women, boots with rubber soles, and shortened boots. Boots of “North” factory are produced in a variety of colours.


“Sever” Kanashskaya felt  factory exchanges wool for felt boots, and takes orders for manufacture of felt footwear in large quantities. In addition, there are services provided to the public: felting wool, manufacture of “koshma” — insulation, and bath sets. Every year “Sever” produces more than 45.000 pairs of shoes. Boots of Kanashskaya factory “Sever” are in great demand among the population, since they are eco-friendly products made of 100% wool manually.


The technological process of manufacture of boots lasts 5 days in compliance with GOST state requirements, unlike some individuals making boots at home in 12 hours’ time. Annually, there are measures taken to improve quality of produced goods; as the result, term of wearing of felt boots of “Sever” factory equals five years. All products of Kanashskaya factory are certified.

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