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Адрес: Russian Federation, Moscow, Kalininskaya liniya, Aviamotornaya
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Факс: (968)595-77-72
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D.VA — these are clothes, the main purpose of which is to be “camouflage of soul” of the wearer.


Every day we are faced with many challenges, overcoming which we either become stronger or weaken and break down, unable to cope with the next obstacle. “Camouflage of soul” is invisible armour, self-confidence, confidence in one’s powers, and faith in the best. It’s better to think that putting on an item of D.VA, anyone will feel strengths and desire to go out, enjoy the world around, smile around, help if one asks for it, call someone if they are waiting, tell something if another person wants to hear that.


A person who feels beautiful, fashionable and relevant is a well-armed warrior of today!

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