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Elina, Iyul LLC

Адрес: г.Иваново, 15 Проезд , д.4
Телефон: (4932) 93-95-48
О производителе

“Iyul” (“July”) LLC specializes in production and sales of knitted products under its own brand “Elina”. Its products enjoy deserved success among elegant and stylish women and their beautiful children.


“Elina” is positioned in successful and stable way at the market of women’s and children’s clothing in the whole Russia. We offer a large variety of interesting models of various colours made of high-quality natural fabrics 100% cotton (sundresses, tunics, dresses, home suits, tracksuits, dressing gowns, shirts, pyjamas, home jersey, and school uniform).


Today, “Elina” has enough potential to meet needs of a large wholesale customer. Collections are constantly updated and include a wide range of products that meet needs of most demanding customers.

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