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Sergey Sysoev Studio

Адрес: Russian Federation, Moscow, Chistoprudny bulvar, 21
Телефон: 8 (916) 714 53 23
О производителе

Having grasped a childhood dream to become a fashion designer, Sergey based his decision on the well-known wisdom: “If you want to do something good, then do it yourself.” If two ways are possible, Sergey Sysoev always chooses not the one that is shorter, but the one that is right. In his occupation he knows everything, since he started with the very basics of craft.


He complemented qualification of a tailor of men’s suits of the highest rank with studies of modelling in university, and then with a course of academic drawing. Already founded his own brand in 1996, Sergey Sysoev has mastered all the intricacies of knitting manufacture, having connected his professional destiny with this material. As the designer himself says, “in knitwear you can find the embodiment of all global trends in clothing. It has everything that is valued in the new century —comfort, chic, practicality, obedience to the human body. What is called a basic wardrobe, today is unthinkable without knitted garments.”


The main purpose of Sysoev as a designer from the beginning was to create clothes that people would love to buy and wear. And for more than 15 years, he is being enjoying working on this. Brand “Sergey Sysoev” under his leadership has gone through all stages of industrial production, small runs, custom orders, and boutique trade. Whether the modeller is preparing a fashion collection for every season fashion shows at a Week of Fashion, or talks about the trends in air of “Good morning” TV-program on the 1st Channel, or is sitting within jury of numerous professional competitions: all impressions and experience are going into a “piggy bank”, that is necessary to implement the basic idea that he has formulated for himself back in his youth: “Each dress you create must suit someone, otherwise why waste powers on it?”

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