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Myagky Inventar

Адрес: г. Иваново, ул. Бубнова, д. 3
Контактное лицо: Dmitry Vladimirovich Afanasyev
Телефон: +7 (4932) 57-52-61, 40-07-29, 930-347-52-61
О производителе

“Myagky Inventar” (“Soft Inventory”) company specializes in production of beddings, soft inventory, and sewing medical clothing, as well as sales of products.


“Myagky Inventar” company has been conquering textile market in a successful and confident way for many years. Manufacture of bed linen, soft furniture and sewing medical clothing, as well as sales of manufactured products constitute an activity in which the company has made great strides. Its products are in high demand among such customers as hospitals and government agencies.


The company emerged in 1997 on the basis of a sewing shop, which was converted into an own production line. Currently, the company produces more than 300 items and sells them.

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