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Izyashnost Liniy, LLC

Адрес: Ивановская область, г.Кохма, ул.Ивановская, д.35-А
Телефон: 8-964-494-4949, 8-905-156-2926, 8-960-505-8008
О производителе

“Izyashnost Liniy” (“Fine lines”) company has been successfully developing since August 2008. Despite the fact that the organization is quite young, today we are not standing still: there are constantly being developed entirely new current models. Trends are regularly monitored. All of this lets us have no analogues within the textile market.


Each model is made according to original patterns: hence, we are able to achieve optimal product that would fit any figures. All products pass technological control: we monitor quality at all stages of production process. We also maintain optimal prices for Ivanovo knitwear, which is an important aspect for our customers. Studies of consumer demand as well as numerous testimonials of our clients help us shape and maintain the desired range of goods. You will always feel comfortable and cosy wearing our products. They are practical and relevant, because our company slogan says: “Take a step toward comfort.”

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