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Адрес: Киров, ул. Чернышевского, 34
Телефон: +7 (833) 258-40-00, +7 (833) 258-73-73 - sales department, +7 (833) 224-31-53 - workshops
О производителе

“ALLAR” company produces and sells outdoor clothing for over 20 years. A good technological base provides us high quality and a wide range of products: jackets, tankers, coats, jackets, and trousers.


Our company carries out the entire production cycle of clothing from a sketch to a finished product. We cooperate with the leading Russian companies and this fact lets us use the most fashionable and high-quality fabrics and accessories.


We specialize in selling our products in Kirov and work with delivery to all regions of Russia. Our main feature is that on one hand the products presented on the company’s website are able to compete with popular brands and stay equal in quality, but on the other hand, our products remain available for any purse. That is why purchase of jackets in our Kirov shop will be nice for you and your economic condition.

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