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Grand Socks

Адрес: 19А, Razbegaevo, Zavodskaya volost, Lomonosovsky district, Leningradskaya oblast
Телефон: +7 (812) 600-77-10, +7 (921) 932-55-60
О производителе

“Grand Socks” factory specializes in production and sale of hosiery. In light industry this trend is considered to be one of the most promising. This feature is based on the very specifics of the product, namely a constant demand. Of all the garments people have to buy hosiery the most often. All hosiery goods are considered to be basic necessities.


“Grand Socks” factory offers different types of models for men and women and sell them successfully in St. Petersburg and other regions of the Russian Federation. The company is equipped with modern machinery, which ensures high density and durability of manufactured products, as well as excellent appearance. The composition of goods contains only the highest quality raw materials from Italy, Poland, India, Turkey, and South Korea; hence we meet European standards of quality at lower cost of production, which makes it possible to offer you the best prices for our products. We do not seek to make cheap socks; our task is to make a high-quality product, which will be evaluated by final consumers. All our products are provided with a label with a bar code and have quality certificates.

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