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Адрес: 4, Raboche-Krestyanskaya st., Volgograd
Телефон: +7(8442) 95-66-27
О производителе

“MiLena” studio of knitwear is a current, modern equipped production, representing numerous products (for wholesale and retail) and professional services.


Key features and benefits of “Milena” company in comparison with other manufacturers are:

  • own modern production facilities with a variety of directions for simultaneous manufacture of products (exclusive, retail, wholesale), and provision of services of any complexity;
  • development and production of models (collection) for single copy and large parties machine and manual performance;
  • quality certificates for all products;
  • system of direct mail that lets deliver products and services directly to consumers without other expenses;
  • multilateral strict quality control at all stages of production;
  • absence of additional trade and intermediary markups on used materials, hardware, services, and products;
  • affordable cost, flexible system of discounts and bonuses;
  • wholesale prices that are absolutely acceptable for all categories of the population;
  • warranty period for services rendered and goods, followed by preferential service;
  • longer service life of manufactured products and lack of necessary repair and restoration work.

Our main principle is not the quantity, but rather individuality and perfect quality: quality and professionalism above prices!


We are successful leaders in the market of production of various knitted products for every taste; we have already proved ourselves in the best way and enjoy great popularity and respect among a number of clients in Russia and abroad. Thanks to excellent reviews, high quality, professionalism, and excellent performance in demand, our company has entered in the Register of the best manufacturers and entered the “National Union of Producers” — there is only 148 businesses from around the whole country, and we are one of them! Special assessment of our activities and impeccable reputation is the trust and confidence in performance at the highest level of wholesale orders at the federal level. There is no analogues of our production in the Volgograd region.

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