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Desty, ООО

Адрес: 104, Irkutskaya st., Omsk
Телефон: 8 (3812) 32-11-71, 32-11-73
О производителе

“Desty” brand was founded in 2001 in the city of Omsk. Once being a small company, we have grown into a large factory.


For more than ten years our company has been producing clothes for children of ages 6 to 15 . During this time, we have successfully established ourselves in the market of children’s fashion. Today “Desty” cooperates with partners throughout Russia.


We participate in the federal exhibitions presenting new collections.

During a whole year our designers are developing several collections:

— A collection of elegant clothes for the New Year and Christmas holidays and graduation balls.

— Spring collection of coats, jackets, and raincoats.

— School collection.


In 2012, the company launched a collection of warm knitwear.

Each collection is unique since it is created once and without repeats.

We use modern fabrics of different textures and do not limit them to one colour.


We follow the novelties of the world of fashion and use current trends of a season.

Carefully working on the smallest details, we thoroughly monitor the overall quality.

All our work is aimed at creating exquisite and unique collections in which young seekers and their parents will find not only the freedom of self-expression, but will also appreciate quality and comfort.

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