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Адрес: 27, Bolshaya Kosinskaya st., Moscow
Телефон: +7 (495) 215-55-32
Сайт: http://pinq.ru/
О производителе

“Pinq” company is engaged in sewing fleece blankets of high quality for wholesale. Why fleece? Because fleece blanket is a feature-rich mobile item necessary in modern life.


Production capacities let the company produce large batches of high-quality fleece blankets for wholesale orders. When ordering, you can choose any size and colour of a plaid. Models may be different, depending on packaging of the fleece product. A fleece blanket with slings handle, a plaid with fleece bag, or a pillow-blanket. You can also choose the type of edge work: processing with overlock or bordering (edge ​​can be in colour or contrasting).

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