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Clea Caro

Адрес: 84А, Polyustrovsky, Saint Petersburg
Телефон: +7(931)227-8559
О производителе

“Clea Caro” brand was founded in 2008 uniting talented designers and modellers. The main products of the company are graceful elegant coats, which are made in the spirit of the latest trends of the global fashion industry.


“Clea Caro” has its own production in St. Petersburg, where it uses European materials (Italy, France, and Belgium). There are also production facilities in Italy and the Czech Republic.


When a new model is being created a team of designers spends hard work making it perfect up to the last seam. Natural woollen fabrics combined with superior design and manual processing of details give the models exclusivity and uniqueness. Each coat of “Clea Caro” is a work of art.


https://www. facebook. com/cleacaro

https://instagram. com/clea_caro/

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