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Odezhda Bolshykh Razmerov

Адрес: 2, Dzerzhinskogo st., Ivanteevka, Moscow region
Телефон: 8(906) 794-0189; 8(496 53) 6-79-93
О производителе

“Odezhda Bolshykh Razmerov” began its difficult path in 1995. During the years of work the enterprise has evolved from a small family business into a prosperous clothing company with its own production lines and personnel.

The product range is quite wide:

  • Swimsuits,
  • Skirts,
  • Trousers,
  • Shirts,
  • Jackets,
  • Raincoats,
  • and much more.


“Odezhda Bolshykh Razmerov” makes women’s clothing of wide size range (54 to 84). The company has unique experience in design and manufacture of various products. It is focused on middle-income consumers, yet quality of products must meet requirements of the most demanding consumer.


Market research cleared it for us that China, Turkey, Vietnam, and domestic companies prefer production of small-sized clothes. For Russia, which has been famous for its heroes and Russian beauties for many centuries, completely different clothes are required. Clothing for women with curves. Given all this, it was decided to specialize in manufacture clothing of plus sizes.


Using modern technologies and views on construction of garments, the company works to ensure women looking slim and fit wearing its products. The company is ready to offer stylish, modern, and comfortable clothes for every taste and wealth!

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