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Aist Collection

Адрес: Russian Federation, Moscow, ulitsa Marii Ulyanovoy, 16
Телефон: 8(916)8816875
Факс: 8(499)1330117
О производителе

“Aist Collection” produces and sells head dresses (men’s and women’s; demi season, summer and winter) in Moscow and around all Russia for wholesale and retail. Model range includes a huge variety of items: hats, caps, kepi, baseball caps, peaked caps, hats with earflaps, berets etc.


“Aist Collection” offers a unique collection of men’s and women’s head dresses. It reflects contemporary trends of fashion, variety of styles, possibility to express one’s individuality. This variety allows any men and women with any type of face or of any age to find and buy the head dress they need. Some models are so comfortable and convenient that they enjoy popularity among both ladies and gentlemen.


The high demand for the company’s products is caused, first and foremost, by its quality. For producing head dresses there is used suede and leather made by best Italian factories. Sewing of all goods is made by only highly professional sewers using modern equipment.

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