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Адрес: Russian Federation, Moscow, Krasnobogatyrskaya ulitsa, 2
Телефон: 8 (960) 552-87-87, 8 (495) 508-74-52 8 (925) 508-74-52
Факс: 8 (495) 508-74-52
О производителе

“Diana” is a Russian manufacturer of women’s trousers, with many years of experience in production and sales of women’s clothing.


Elegant and stylish women’s clothing from “Diana” is a cost-effective opportunity to supplement assortment of high-quality goods in your store, and these will always be in demand.


“Diana” has a lot of experience producing quality garments and has well proven itself in ladies’ opinion. Women know that trousers of “Diana” present a stylish classic that is always up to date. Fans of “Diana” brand have good taste and a keen understanding of fashion and style.

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