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Peredovaya Tekstilshitsa

Адрес: Russian Federation, Moskovskaya oblast, Korolev, mikrorayon Tekstilshik, Fabrichnaya ulitsa, 10
Телефон: (495)515-82-21
Факс: (495) 515-82-36, 515-82-47
О производителе

“Peredovaya Tekstilshitsa” (“Leading textile worker”) is a modern textile production, equipped with both domestic and imported machinery. Its fabrics are used in space and airship industry.


“Peredovaya Tekstilshitsa” is working with high-strength aramid fibres, which are used in  production of ballistic protection equipment and personal protection of personnel of all arms in the heavy-duty and ultra-light composite materials for a number of aircraft and rocket technology, pneumatic structures for the Ministry of Emergency Situations and other science-intensive technologies.


Another important area is  production of fabrics for different systems of parachutes — from light to heavy duty. Another assortment of the factory is production of filter fabrics. Filters of “Peredovaya Tekstilshitsa” are used in porcelain, mining and metals, aluminium, and dairy industry.

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