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Lady Style

Адрес: Russian Federation, Rostovskaya oblast, Novocherkassk, prospekt Yermaka, 5
Телефон: 8 (8635) 27-56-41, 8 (909) 410-74-00
О производителе

“Lady Style” LLC successfully grows and became the successor of professional traditions of craftsmanship and quality of the former sewing enterprise “Feya” (“Fairy”). Bright colours and impeccable style are the main features of “Lady Style”’s products.


“Lady Style” is successfully developing its brand. Quality clothing and a variety of models have already been estimated resident dozen Russian cities. And they are not alone. In recent years, “Lady Style” was awarded with a diploma for high consumer properties of the samples collection of women’s clothing for a wide range of high quality, contemporary design products presented, as well as for great contribution to shaping of the national market of domestic consumption.

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