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Адрес: Russian Federation, Moscow, shosse Entuziastov, 56с21
Телефон: (495) 514-02-49, 514-02-44
Факс: (495) 783-82-58
О производителе

“Class” JSC is one of the leading developers and manufacturers of individual body armour; it as well conducts research and experimental work creating of new advanced means of personal defence using the latest achievements of science and modern innovative technologies. Most of its products are accepted for service and are available as standard units of the Ministry of interior, the Ministry of defence, Federal Security Service, the Ministry of justice, the Ministry of emergency situations of the Russian Federation, as well as security and collection services.



Main products:

- Body armour and helmets of different classes of protection;

- Assault, steel and ceramic, polycarbonate panels;

- Elements of armour protection facilities and partial protection of vehicles;

- Armoured fortifications equipment for perimeters of checkpoints and special facilities;

- Engineering tools for exploration and mine clearing.

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