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Адрес: Russian Federation, Vladimirskaya oblast, Kovrov, ulitsa Krupskoy, 55
Телефон: (49232)9-73-74
Сайт: gakkard.ru
О производителе

Products of “GAKKARD” cover children′s age group of 0-12 years. Twenty years of experience in the field of children′s clothing has allowed the company to create an optimal combination of modern automation of production process and creativity of its professionals.


Full production cycle is located in Russia. Basic range of the brand is made by top children′s knitwear collection with motifs of Scandinavian ornament.

This clothing is made for children of different age groups. The range has products for new-borns and toddlers. There are also knitted collections for children who already attend kindergarten and school.


Products are made from alpaca and Pan mixed with linen. This unique composition has positive characteristics for children′s knitwear: hygiene, ability to “breathe”, practicality in everyday wear, and, in contrast to pure wool, is can cause no allergy. Knitted babies’ clothes from such material easily retain their original shape after prolonged wear.


Business idea of GAKKARD™ is recognizable corporate identity elements, combined with products of the highest quality, that has been proven over the years.

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