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Адрес: Russian Federation, Ivanovo, Posadskiy pereulok, 15а
Телефон: 8(4932) 41-49-79 - office, 8 (961) 248-91-08 - Ольга Сердитова (менеджер), 8 (930) 346-66-23 - Yekaterina Torbina (manager for clients),
О производителе

The company “Domtrik” is a Russian manufacturer of clothes; for many years it has been offering women’s sweaters for wholesale.


The company is especially responsible about work with clients, it is closely following fashion trends and tries to timely replenish product catalogue with interesting and relevant innovations. The company offers beautiful and stylish clothes.


“Domtrik” offers extensive assortment of home knitwear. Gowns, suits, dresses, summer dresses, shirts, tunics, nightshirts, T-shirts. All of them are made of natural fabric or with minimal share of synthetics: filling-knit, interlock, footer, velour, viscose, fleece.


Bright colours of models allow filling every day with a new mood. It is always comfortable to wear clothes of “Domtrik”, whether it’s a walk down the street, a picnic, or household chores. Due to a variety of shapes and a wide size range (42-60) the knitwear of Ivanovo manufacturer “Domtrik” is available to any buyer.

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