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Rozhdestvenskaya Manufaktura

Адрес: Russian Federation, Tver, ulitsa Spartaka, 47
Телефон: 8 800 7000 800, 8 4822 422 552
О производителе

“Rozhdestvenskaya Manufaktura” (“Christmas Manufacture”) was founded by the Moscow merchant Nicholas Kaulin in 1853. At the moment, it is an efficient, vertically integrated enterprise, which has a full complete cycle.


The factory occupies a leading position in the textile market of the Russian Federation. The company achieves results through a wide range of harsh cloth, yarn, and quality of services. The company is equipped with imported and domestic machinery, capable to produce goods which satisfy the taste of any client.


Products of “Rozhdestvenskaya Manufaktura” are one of the most popular and are designed to please a customer. There are a lot of talented professionals working at the factory. Buyers can be sure when purchase gray cloth and yarn from “Rozhdestvenskaya Manufaktura” — they will certainly get high-quality product at  very attractive price, made with the use of modern technologies and solutions.

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