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Parizhskaya Kommuna

Адрес: Russian Federation, Moscow, Kozhevnicheskaya ulitsa, 7с1
Телефон: 8(499)235-99-35, 8(499)235-86-62
О производителе

“Moscow shoe factory “Parizhskaya Kommuna” (“Paris Commune”) was founded in old craftsmen’s settlement Kozhevniky 90 years ago as the first state-owned factory of mechanical manufacture and wholesale of shoes — it situated in buildings of the former Mikhailovskaya manufactory. Solemn opening of the shoe factory took place on March 18, 1922 in Day of the Paris Commune, and the shoe factory was named in memory of the French Revolution.


Today the factory “Parizhskaya Kommuna” is a large company, whose products are sold throughout Russia. “Parizhskaya Kommuna” was precisely purposed to make a technological breakthrough, transmute vintage shoe craft into a new quality, learn how to produce products of industrial batches — footwear for wholesale. In general, the group of companies employs about two thousand people, including shoe factory “Parizhskaya Kommuna” where 445 people are working.


In the shoe factory there is developed and implemented a strategy to promote own brands; it is based on creating competitive collections of children’s, men’s and women’s shoes and footwear for special purposes. Shoe factory “Parizhskaya Kommuna” is actively developing ties based on subcontracts with companies supplying materials and component parts, be them Russian or foreign.

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