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Адрес: Russian Federation, Ivanovskaya oblast, Kokhma, Ivanovskaya ulitsa, 18б
Телефон: 8(905)-107-82-67, 8(905)-105-49-05
О производителе

“Bidenkovs” company is one of the leading Ivanovo companies producing knitted garments: nightshirts, pyjamas, bathrobes, dresses and other goods in a wide range. The company has been successfully working for many years and continues to grow due to the high quality of its products and affordable prices. “Bidenkovs” manufactures and sells high-quality and stylish knitwear for wholesale.


For tailoring of goods of “Bidenkovs” it uses only high-quality materials and accessories: both domestic and imported. Tailoring of knitwear is made under strict quality control on modern, high-tech equipment. The products are certified and meet all requirements of relevant state standards and they are accompanied by  necessary documentation.

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