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Ivashka.ru, Komteks

Адрес: Russian Federation, Ivanovo, ulitsa Spartaka, 22
Телефон: 8-800-700-37-71, 8-4932-37-07-58
О производителе

Inexpensive and high quality children’s knitwear is presented in Ivanovo by trademark “Ivashka.ru” belonging to LLC “Komteks”. It offers natural children’s knitwear from the producer.


Manufacture of children’s clothes in “Komteks” is established in compliance with all standards of quality. Natural fabric are supplied from Turkey. Its quality is confirmed by all necessary Russian certificates. All products of “Ivashka.ru”™ (children’s and teenagers’ clothing, children’s outerwear) corresponds to GOST state standards. Thus the brand “Ivashka.ru” is an example of the optimal price-quality ratio. This applies to all categories of children’s clothing.


Children’s hoodies, suits and turtlenecks, sweaters and suits, dresses and pants, babies’ t-shirts and pyjamas, diapers and rompers, vests and caps ... Inexpensive baby clothes “Ivashka.ru” — this is a true diversity of colours, styles, models, which does not suit only smallest dandies and ladies. After all, the brand “Ivashka.ru”  is a wide range of clothing for children aged 0-10 years from the manufacturer. Weekly fashion designer of “Ivashka.ru” create newest models of children’s clothing: the best of them are launched into mass production.

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