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Адрес: Russian Federation, Ivanovo, Sosnovaya ulitsa, 1
Телефон: (4932) 34-50-82
О производителе

The main aim of  “Business-Class” LLC is supply of textile products for heavy industry and automotive industry, metallurgy, shipbuilding companies, boarding houses, hospitals, hotels, bases of mining, oil, and gas industry enterprises, construction companies, institutions of the Ministry of defence, the Ministry of interior, UIN, ICS, Aeroflot, clothing companies, and wholesale textile bases.


The company produces and sells wholesale cotton and linen fabrics: flannelette, buckram, canvas, flannel, bleached calico, sewed fabric, batting, terry fabric, two-thread, linen fabric, gauze, cloth for overcoat, mattress and feather tick, diagonal, burlap, packaging, tent cloths, cleaning materials for wholesale, satin, polyester (microfiber), polycotton, poplin, tapestry, fabric TiSi, and paddled polyester. Major basis of the company lets it form orders for wholesale of any Ivanovo region fabric. Cooperation with powerful specialized sewing workshops gives it an opportunity to produce any garments according the order.


Among the advantages of working with “Business Class” there is the fact that several shipping terminals are located in the largest textile bases of Ivanovo and provide convenient access roads, possibility of shipping during the weekend, organization of delivery via railways and vehicles, delivery of goods to the transport of the buyer (within the city of Ivanovo), and flexible system of discounts and payments.

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