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Galaktika 37

Адрес: Russian Federation, Ivanovo, prospekt Tekstilshchikov, 32
Телефон: 8(4932) 22-22-85
О производителе

“Galaktika 37” (“Galaxy 37”) company is engaged in production and sales of special clothing and footwear, which is created on innovative technologies in accordance with GOST state standards. Products of the company are able to meet ever growing needs of customers.


Production facilities of the company are located in Ivanovo. “Galaxy 37” produces reliable, comfortable to wear, beautiful and functional clothes. Materials and decorations used for manufacture are of high quality, which increase the reliability and product life. The manufacturer pays special attention to appearance of products. Modern special clothes must be attractive, stylish and conform to fashion trends in the field of workwear.


“Galaxy 37” company thoroughly thinks about every detail. For many models there are used materials of bright, contrasting colours, protecting workers in conditions of poor visibility. A special impregnation materials help reduce injuries at workplace.

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