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Адрес: Russian Federation, Ivanovo, prospekt Lenina, 2а
Телефон: (4932) 32 73 03, (4932) 41 93 33, (4932) 47 16 16
Сайт: ivex.su
О производителе

“IVEX” company has been engaged in production and sales of natural cotton fabrics, garments, and yarn. Its own warehouse of tissue allows the staff to provide immediate, uninterrupted shipment of any required amount of textile products. Supply of wholesale implies a significant discount on the whole range of products. A large assortment of textile consists of cotton fabric: from harsh unbleached kinds up to ones ready for sewing and featuring fashionable colours.


The catalogue of the company includes such fabric as calico, cotton printed and dyed; two-needle, mattress tick, diagonal, terrycloth fabric, flannel, and gauze. Manufacturing all kinds of textile garments, soft equipment, special clothes is also in our competence. Sales of tissue are provided within Russia, as well as for export. Shipment can be ordered for lots as large as a single roll of fabric.

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