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Адрес: Russian Federation, Ivanovo, 2-ya Lezhnevskaya ulitsa, 5
Телефон: (4932) 29-36-60, 29-88-75, 8-903-632-5095, 8-909-246-4540, 8-905-106-0199
О производителе

“IvSpetsOpt” enterprise has been engaged in production and sales of working clothes since 1996. The company began as a small sewing shop, specializing in production of simple models of special clothing.


Today the company has some own sewing productions of  special clothes. One of them is a garment factory in Yurievets, a city of Ivanovo region. This is one of the oldest companies in the small town, previously engaged in tailoring men’s shirts, used to be almost collapsed. Nevertheless, the company has managed to keep its team of qualified staff. Over time, “IvSpetsOpt” managed to significantly expand and complicate the range of products and increase production capacity. Also, the company has installed padding equipment that allows us to make related products better. There was purchased quilting equipment that eliminate the need to hand stitch padded clothing and fully mechanizes production process.


Currently, the company is a major manufacturer of uniforms, engaged in supplying not only in the regions of Russia, but also in the cities of nearest abroad.

The range of manufactured products includes:

— Special clothes for engineers

— Protective clothing for construction workers

— Special clothes for miners and oil workers

— Working clothes for power industry

— Medical clothing

— Work shoes

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