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Адрес: Russian Federation, Ivanovo, ulitsa Telmana, 9
Телефон: 8(4932) 576-136
О производителе

“Mechta” (“Dream”) LLC sewing company started its activity in the market in 1997 and became then one of the first companies in the Ivanovo region producing various bedding. Since 2006, the company launched a sewing workshop of bed linen, and in 2009 it opened another workshop manufacturing various packing for bedding that allows us to give a more colourful style to the products.


For many years “Mechta” manufactures quality products at wholesale and retail prices, taking into account all the latest developments and consumers’ demands. Products are of high-quality sewing and materials used. For many years the enterprise collaborates with various companies and factories, selecting only good quality materials. “Mechta” is trying as much as possible to use a variety of colours and patterns of different fabrics, invent new kinds of decorations and piping, come up with new designs of bed linen, as well as to select the colour range of fabrics, according to the true taste and sense of proportion.

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