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Адрес: Russian Federation, Ivanovo, Sosnovaya ulitsa, 1
Телефон: 89051077773, 89203678277
Сайт: iv-capriz.com
О производителе

“iv-capriz” company is an Ivanovo knitted garments manufacturer. Its main activity is sewing clothes for men and women. The range features large selection of knitwear: women′s and men′s gowns, suits, dresses, summer dresses, hoodies, blouses, capris, breeches, tights, nightshirts and pyjamas. All products are of high-quality sewing, bright colours, and affordable prices.


Special attention is paid to selection of fabric. Preference is given to natural fabrics of good quality, while it is also considered what fabric is best suited for the particular garment. So, dressing gowns are sewn usually from filling-knit, interlock, terry, velour, fleece, and wellsoft. Best materials for dresses and sundresses are viscose and filling-knit. Home and sports suits are made of the same filling-knit or interlock, and winter versions are sewn of velour, fleece, footer, and wellsoft.

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