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Dobroe utro

Адрес: Russian Federation, Ivanovo, ulitsa Suvorova, 44
Телефон: 8 (800) 234 1028
О производителе

“Dobroe utro” (“Good morning”) textile company provides production and sales of modern terry products.


Tracking the latest trends of collections of home textile, designed by renowned fashion houses in Europe, “Dobroe utro” manufactures fine models of terry robes, exclusive terry towels, bed sheets, sauna kits and much more.


Terry goods of the company have unique author’s design and rich colours; this, together with excellent quality of fabrics and flawless sewing, makes bathrobes, towels, and sheets popular and in demand among consumers. Terry collections of models of “Dobroe utro” constantly participate in international exhibitions, which also enjoyed increased attention.


Now the production is actively developing one of the areas of activity — computer embroidery on terry towels and garments. Terry towels, sheets and robes of “Dobroe utro” can be decorated according to a customer’s request: with an original picture or a company’s logo. Individual orders are accepted on embroidery of logos and other images on any custom product.

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