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Biyskaya linen company

Адрес: Russian Federation, Altayskiy kray, Biysk, pokemon Zarechye, ulitsa Lnokombinat 11
Телефон: (3854) 333-883
О производителе

Biyskaya linen company was founded in 1910 and began its work as Weaving and Spinning factory of the trade house of brothers Borodin. It produced back then linen sack tare, bags, duffel bags, and tents.


In 1945 there was launched production of linen fire hoses and range of technical fabric was expanded. As a result of the collapse of the Soviet Union, the supplies of cotton from Central Asia and of flax from the European part of Russia were interrupted, and the company could be left without raw materials. To keep production going and jobs intact, the company was forced to revive flax agriculture in the Altai region.


In 1995 there were the first 50 ha planted, and in 2000 — 2450 hectares. As a result of improving technologies of agriculture, usage of traditional methods of growing flax, along with acquisition of French and Belgian flax machinery, Biyskaya Linen Company has fully secured its production capacity with its own raw materials. Due to the lack of Russian textile machinery and excessively high prices for imported textile machinery, many domestic textile factories, unable to re-equip, reduced their purchases of flax fibre. In addition, unrestricted import of Chinese raw materials and half-ready goods also affected sales of Biyskaya Linen Company.


To reduce costs, the company has aimed at improving agro technology, increasing the yield and quality of flax processing of raw flax. In 2007 flax yield increased from 43.8 to 54.9 kg/ha, and the results of flax “Suzanne” bought in the Netherlandes was 7300 kg/ha. Resultative flax fibre produced from the raw material — 30%. 150 hectares of this variety of flax brought 86 tons of seeds.


JSC "Biyskaya Linen Company" has significantly expanded the range of products: yarn — from harsh to knit, linen twine and rope for various purposes, insulation and sealing, high-energy fuel. To comply with the conditions of agriculture there are annually expanding crops of barley, oats, and canola.

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