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FENICE, Group of companies

Адрес: Russian Federation, Smolensk, ulitsa Soboleva, 25
Телефон: 8 (4812) 38-33-67 8 (4812) 29-96-75
Факс: 8 (4812) 38-33-67 8 (4812) 29-96-75
О производителе

“FENICE” group of companies is a large Russian holding, producing and selling a wide range of hosiery and knitwear. The company was established in 2014 in order to enter the market with a new brand for high-quality, affordable range of hosiery and knitwear products. Brand “Fenice” (which is translated from Italian as “Phoenix”, Firebird, a symbol of the sun, updates and happiness). Now this brand combines the company′s products providing up-to-date, stylish and comfortable range of goods for home, sport, and recreation.


The group of companies includes: Smolensk Hosiery Factory — one of the oldest and largest industrial enterprises in Russia. Founded in 1953, the factory has maintained and strengthened the best, tried and tested traditions of quality for decades. All of its products (socks, baby tights, stockings etc.) are made from the highest-quality raw materials and meet all modern standards.


Trade house “Mir Tekstilya” (“World of textile”) is a company producing knitted products for children, men and women. Clothing manufacture has a high human and technological potential, which allows producing high quality products that meet the most exacting standards.


The holding’s own network of stores “NINA” and “Kaprizulya” (“Capricious child”) is also dynamically developing.


Competent management and care of the team has helped the company to survive in difficult times for Russia.


The company possesses high industrial, technological and human resources. Currently the company employs more than 1.000 employees. There are monthly issued about 100 articles of hosiery for sports and recreation for all ages and seasons.


The company is one of the largest taxpayers in the city of Smolensk and Smolensk region.


To date, companies included in “FENICE” group are among leaders of domestic market. Their products are represented in almost all regions of Russia and CIS countries.



From year to year, the company continues to increase production figures. Production growth in the first decade of the XXI century has allowed creating more than 200 new jobs. The range of goods has also expanded: in 1998, it included 86 types of products, but now there are more than 200.

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