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Адрес: Russian Federation, Ulyanovskaya oblast, Melekesskiy rayon, poselok gorodskogo tipa Novaya Mayna, Sportivnaya ulitsa, 10
Телефон: 8(84235) 7-81-28, 7-81-29, 7-85-73, 7-81-63
О производителе

Novomaynskaya carpet factory “Nomateks” LLC was created in 1961.


It was the first factory of tufted floor coverings in Russia and CIS countries. The first carpet was made on the eve of November 7, 1961.


During its long history the company has undergone many changes and upgrades, and today the volume of manufacture of nonwovens businesses of 50 million sq. m. per year.


The product range includes:

  • Non-woven materials for interior car decoration of various structures and colors.
  • Geotextiles for construction railways and roads, oil and gas fields.
  • Non-woven materials for filtering air, liquids, and suspensions (heat-set, not heat-set, dubbed with polypropylene cloth).
  • Non-woven materials for production of linoleum (heat-set and not heat-set).
  • Non-woven materials for furniture industry.
  • Secondary backing for tufted coatings.
  • Warm and noise isolating coverage.
  • Roofing materials.

All products manufactured at Novomaynskaya textile company “Nomateks” have hygiene certificates and sanitary-epidemiological conclusions of state sanitar service of Russia.

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