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Shchelkovskaya silk-weaving factory

Адрес: Russian Federation, Moskovskaya oblast, Shchelkovo, Talsinskaya ulitsa, 60
Контактное лицо: Vladimir Sergeevich Prozorov
Телефон: 8(496) 566-93-56, 8(496) 56-2-82-09
Факс: 8(496) 56-2-82-09
О производителе

Shchelkovskaya silk-weaving factory produces about 30 items of fabric from polyamide, polyester yarn, cotton yarn, “Rusar” and SVM threads that can be used for various purposes. 

Fabrics made of polyamide and polyester yarns are widely used in alumina, pharmaceutical, rubber (manufacture of inflatable rafts, boats), milk, aviation and other industries.


Fabrics made from “Rusar” and SVM yarn are used for sewing PPE (body armour), in the aircraft industry (composite materials for manufacture of constructional items and brake parachutes).


The team of the factory is constantly working on expanding the range of products. There are more than 100 varieties of fabrics developed, for which certain requirements of consumers were taken into account.


One of the new trends is development and introduction of body armour made of composites based on aramid fibres.

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