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Krasnaya Nit

Адрес: Russian Federation, Saint Petersburg, Gelsingforsskaya ulitsa, 3
Телефон: (812) 334-36-36 (812) 542-39-08
Факс: (812) 334-36-35
О производителе

“Krasnaya Nit” (“Red Thread”) spinning and thread factory is one of the oldest companies in the textile industry of the country. More than 160 years ago, a merchant of second guild Ivan Torshylov founded one of the first cotton manufacturers in St. Petersburg in Vyborg district. In 1892, an Englishman, John Coates, one of co-owners of the largest British company producing threads became the owner of the factory. In 1912, the building housed the factory yarn “Nevka” producing yarn and threads, that later got its current name “Red Thread”. The company’s history remembers: nationalization, establishment of a state enterprise, evacuation of equipment and shutdown of plant in 1941, struggling years of war and re-launch of production in 1945, five-year plans, modernization, difficult path to market economy. Our plant was not spared by problems associated with the reforms in the economy. However, the plant continues to live and work, increasing production of sewing thread.


In 1994, the state-owned enterprise spinning-thread factory “Krasnaya Nit” was transformed into “Spinning-thread factory “Krasnaya Nit” JSC. The main activity of the plant now is production and sales of sewing thread. For the first time in Russia in 1986, thanks to close cooperation with scientists of Leningrad scientific research Institute of textile industry on the basis of “Krasnaya Nit” there was developed and mastered production of reinforced polyester thread LL, polyester staple yarn LS, which are now the main range used in light industry.


Today, “Krasnaya Nit” produces a wide range of thread for clothing, footwear, knitwear, leather industry, furniture production, as well as packaging thread for sewing bags.


He factory has a wide range of consumers in all regions of Russia, CIS and Baltic countries. All products have a certificate of conformity with Russian state standards. For many years “Krasnaya Nit” factory participated in specialized wholesale fairs, was repeatedly awarded with diplomas “For high consumer characteristics of goods”, “Best Company of the Year”.


The company is obliged for its success mainly to the high professionalism of its collective — people who have not ever changed their profession. Their dedication, ability and desire to work let the company confidently look to the future.

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