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Alekseevskaya factory of art weaving

Адрес: Russian Federation, Respublika Tatarstan, Alekseyevskiy rayon, poselok gorodskogo tipa Alekseyevskoye, ulitsa Pavelkina 22
Телефон: (84341) 252 53 (secretary), (84341) 241 35 (sales department)
О производителе

In the heart of Tatarstan, on the banks of the Kama River, the keeper of ancient, but not forgotten knowledge — artistic weaving. Hands of masters of Alekseevskaya factory of art weaving create cloths with individual patterns, that reflect beauty of their native land on canvas.


Artistic Weaving was and remains a traditional folk art. LLC Alekseevskaya factory is one of few companies in Russia that have preserved and developed traditions of hand weaving. The founding year of the factory is considered to be 1927 when the first machine was installed for production. Patterned tablecloths, traditional towels, napkins are within the main range of products. All products are made from natural cotton and linen. Creative team makes new woven products; great attention is paid to modern packaging. Much work is being done on studies of museum specimens and restoration of old patterns. Specialists of the company can restore an old fabric and sew clothes from woven fabric.


Gift sets, traditional towels are perfect gifts for any occasion and holiday. Woven fabrics decorate and liven up any interior.


The company’s goal is to preserve hand weaving, to create natural fabric and sew clothes and accessories. In the world of computer technology, progress it is a noble aim to preserve natural production process and bring warmth and comfort to any home with our products.

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