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Адрес: Russian Federation, Stavropolskiy kray, Pyatigorsk, ulitsa Admiralskogo 2k1
Телефон: +7 (8793) 39-72-95 +7 (928) 8-22-3333 +7 (928) 300-09-10
О производителе

“Alliance-FUR” factory is engaged in manufacture of fur coats and other products. Experts of the company take responsible approach to selection of raw materials for production process and tailoring. Furs are purchased on the world’s largest auction sites such as NAFA-FUR, SAGA-FURS and Kopenhagen-FUR.


“Alliance-FUR” produces fur goods of different colours, processing them with environmentally friendly German chemicals.


The company employs best furriers and fur-class specialists in the region — some of them even are specially invited Turkish, Italian, and Greek craftsmen and designers of fur. The company skillfully combines traditional technologies of furrier production with the latest developments of world leaders of fur industry. All products are certified: Russian State Standard GOST 8765-93.

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