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Адрес: Russian Federation, Stavropolskiy kray, Pyatigorsk, ulitsa 5-ya Liniya 84-86
Телефон: +7 (8793) 31-48-00, +7 (988) 117-77-77; +7 (962) 000-09-99; +7 (962) 447-35-04; +7 (928) 225-40-54
О производителе

In 2004 in Pyatigorsk “Kamelia” (“Camellia”) fur factory began its work. Despite its young age, “Kamelia” soon has become a serious competitor of the largest manufacturers of fur products on the Russian market. High-quality raw materials used for tailoring products under the brand name “Kamelia”, are bought by the company at auctions at Norway, Australia, the USA, Denmark, and Finland. Raw materials are processed by experienced professionals using environmentally friendly materials and unique technologies. Factory “Kamelia” is specially valued by the customers for a combination of beauty and style, high thermal insulation properties and quality of tailoring.


Each year, the factory wins a diploma of the exhibition “Fur and its Processing” in Moscow, where the largest enterprises in Russia and abroad manufacturing fur products meet one another.


Presentation of a new collection of fur factory “Kamelia” comes up annually and still attracts increasing interest among visitors and exhibitors. Designers and technologists of the factory do not get tired to surprise our customers with a variety of models, well selected decoration and great combination of colours and types of fur.

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