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Адрес: Russian Federation, Ivanovskaya oblast, Kineshemskiy rayon, derevnya Gorki, ulitsa Proizvodstvennaya 7
Телефон: (49331) 2-80-70, 27-007
О производителе

“Cartel” is a manufacturer of products for industrial and household items that make life easier, better and more beautiful. Products of “Cartel” provide excellent quality and at the same time allow you to save natural resources.


“Cartel” LLC has been on the market in the market since 1995.

The assortment of the company features a range of products for maintaining cleanliness as for industrial and home use. The company is located in the town of Kineshma: 100 km. from the regional centre, the city of Ivanovo.


Years of experience of the company in the market and its dynamic growth has led to a natural development of the most important departments of the company. At present, the number of employees of “Cartel” is more than 200 people. Constantly there is an increase in production capacity and product range.


The principle of the company “Cartel” — not only promoting its own brands, but also production of goods for private clients using their own logo. Keeping pace with the times, we are introducing manufacturing of new goods, using modern design and taking into account latest global developments.


The basis of the company’s activity — the service to the consumer. We do our best to listen to the consumer, to know his needs. This allows us to improve our company’s products, boosting consumers’ confidence.

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