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Адрес: Russian Federation, Ivanovo, 15-y proyezd, 4
Телефон: 8-964-497-04-84 8-493-247-53-77 8-930-345-07-45
О производителе

One of the major activities of the company “Runo-TEX” — is the production and sale of thermofabric of wool and synthetic materials.


Products made from high quality raw materials produced in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Korea. Always available videos of wool sheep, goats, camels, algae and bamboo leaf with length of 20/30/40/50 meters and density of 100-500 gm/m2 with a width 1.5-2.20 m.


Products of the company “Runo-TEX” are used: in the garment industry for the manufacture of pillows, blankets, mattresses, soft toys, insulation in the construction industry and other goods.


Objectives of:


  1. Study of new trends and technologies nonwovens.
  2. The conquest of the regional market.
  3. High quality products at affordable prices.


The key to success:


  1. Experience and leadership effectiveness.
  2. Favourable market conditions.
  3. Stock of goods and availability of raw materials and finished products.
  4. The quality of products.
  5. Formation of its customer base.
  6. Decent wages.


During recent years, the company “Runo-TEX” has established itself as a responsible and conscientious supplier of nonwoven fabric. In the process it uses an individual approach to each client, as well as provides discount system.

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