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Obyedinennye Manufaktury

Адрес: Russian Federation, Ivanovskaya oblast, Teykovskiy rayon, poselok gorodskogo tipa Nerl, ulitsa Lenina 7a
Телефон: +7 (495) 790-73-53 доб. 272, 301
О производителе

“Obyedinennye Manufaktury” (“United manufacture”) LLC is engaged in production and sales of environmentally friendly and high quality material: canvas.


Tarpaulin is basically canvas impregnated with waterproof and antiseptic compositions.


Factory “Obyedinennye Manufaktury” uses linen and cotton yarn for production of canvas. Resulting crude fabric — linen canvas — is impregnated then with a special compound to obtain the sheet with the desired properties. There are several compositions used in the production for impregnation: OP — fireproof and BO — waterproof.


Tarpaulin from the factory “Obyedinennye Manufaktury” is indispensable in metallurgy, building and road construction works, agriculture, military and defence.

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