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Golovnye ubory

Адрес: Russian Federation, Sverdlovskaya oblast, Yekaterinburg, ulitsa Malysheva, 15
Телефон: 8 (343) 376-31-68
О производителе

Salon “Golovnye ubory” (“Hats”) have been working for people of Yekaterinburg for 30 years already; it produces a huge range of fur hats, felt, velvet, fur clothing and accessories.


Masters there work with any kind of furs and possess most advanced technologies of sewing and decorating products. The director and designer of the salon is Marina Mordukhova.


There are 20 people working in “Golovnye ubory”: professional staff with experience and highest qualification.


The shop accepts orders for custom tailoring, repair, restoration of fur goods and hats. There is a large selection of fur in the shop: mink, rabbit, fox, polar fox, astrakhan, lynx, chinchilla, seal, sable, fisher, sheepskin, muskrat, beaver, tuscany, orilag, and rex-rabbit.

Every year there is a new collection of hats sewn and developed for the new season.


Salon “Golovnye ubory” is represented by its designers and thus takes an active part in local and regional exhibitions and competitions. In an open regional competition of professional skills among cutters for the title of “Best in the occupation” they took first place in two categories: “Fur Clothing” and “Hats”. Designer Marina Mordukhova remains the most active participant of the project “Yekaterinburg Fashion Week” for many years.

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