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Адрес: Russian Federation, Stavropolskiy kray, Pyatigorsk, ulitsa Krasnopartizanskaya 78
Телефон: 8-9624-035-348, 8-8652-69-69-65
О производителе

“Ramis” fur factory is located in the capital of North Caucasus Federal District — Pyatigorsk; the plant has been engaged in the production and sale of skins of mouton and sheepskin for many years.

In the factor there are the most modern methods of treating skins used, which make it possible to provide customers with the highest quality of goods at reasonable prices.

From rather thick and curly wool of domestic sheep one can get several varieties of fur, among them — sheepskin. Sheepskin is fur of an adult sheep and is considered to be very strong. After special treatment of sheep fur masters receive mouton, which acquires new, improved properties, while not conceding the quality of the most expensive furs. Mouton fur will stand wet snow, rain, and windy weather.


In the factory “Ramis” employees are all experienced professionals and masters of furs crafts. At each stage of production masters adhere to high European quality standards. It is a high quality product that has been helping the factory “Ramis” to compete with other manufacturers in finding new markets and attracting potential customers for over twenty years.

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