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Адрес: Russian Federation, Saint Petersburg, naberezhnaya reki Smolenki, 5
Телефон: 8 (812) 321-57-22, 8 (812) 321-14-73
О производителе

“Rot-Front-na-Smolenke” means a history of Russian manufacturers of fur garments and fashion, where classic and innovation are very successfully combined. Models of fur coats, stoles, boas and gorgets are made by real Russian masters of their craft of precious luxury furs, purchased at auctions worldwide.


Global fashion trends require presence of a huge list of furs: absolutely popular — mink, astrakhan, beaver, fox, sable, — and exclusive and little-known: opossum, yak, ibex and even North-American cougar. Modern technology of combining furs with organza, leather and other non-traditional materials give our products lightness and practical weightlessness.


Thorough attention of “Rot-Front-na-Smolenke” is paid to production of fur goods in accordance with wishes of our customers. Custom tailoring ensures perfect fit. Also we can reshape or restore your fur item, thus giving it a new life.


Today in the manufacturing of furs there are widely used completely unexpected combinations of two or even three types of furs in a single product. Sable, exquisite lynx or delicate chinchilla are combined with mink, finest astrakhan or perfectly cropped Canadian beaver.

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