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Адрес: Russian Federation, Kirov, mikrorayon Kominternovskiy, ulitsa Pavla Korchagina, 88к4
Контактное лицо: arteks1@arteks.su
Телефон: 8 800 250 8242, 8 (8332) 40-23-73, 40-23-67
О производителе

History of “Kirov kozhevenny zavod” (“Kirov tannery”) started in the 19th century. It was founded by an enterprising young peasant Ivan Dolgushin, who bought a mill and started tanning.


Soon many impoverished peasants joined him and manufacture began to expand.

In 1870, the manufacture moved to a newly built two-story building, there were 16 tanks back then. Thirty workers produced up to 12 thousand skins per season. Manufacturing process lasted up to 6 months, and this process did not change for decades.

To date, “Artex” LLC is a modern, dynamically evolving company, it is a member of the Russian Union of tanners and shoemakers. Personnel includes 270 people, production lines are made in Europe, 120 million square decimeters of leather goods are produced per year, the company pays tens of millions of roubles in taxes.

“Artex” specializes in footwear, apparel and leather ware.

Ten years ago, 70-80% of the products were manufactured in the “semi-finished” category, and now this segment is about 5%. Export of crust — 30%, ready leather — 65%.

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