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Serpukhov tannery “Trud”

Адрес: Russian Federation, Moskovskaya oblast, Serpukhov, Proletarskaya ulitsa 84
Контактное лицо: nadi40@yandex.ru
Телефон: +7 (964) 764-69-40, +7 (916) 689-65-82; +7 (903) 774-80-38; +7 (905) 775-07-16
О производителе

JSC “Serpukhov tannery “Trud” (“Labour”) is one of oldest Russian companies with a rich history and tradition, founded in 1781. Today it is a modern enterprise, processing all types of raw tannery with most advanced technologies using materials from leading world companies. There are produced more than 1000 articles of high quality chrome leather: shoe, lining, accessories, clothing, and glove.


Over the last 5 years there was held modernization at the enterprise. Construction of new production buildings, installing modern equipment, replaced communications are among the improvements.


Particular attention is paid to solving environmental problems. There is a comprehensive program to create experimental sample of environmentally friendly tannery with a closed water cycle implemented at the plant.


The enterprise has been created and is constantly expanding its network of shops of men′s, women′s, and children′s footwear, leather goods, outerwear made of natural leather.

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