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Адрес: Russian Federation, Tverskaya oblast, Kimrskiy rayon, poselok Tsentralnyi, ulitsa Mira 29a
Телефон: +7 (48236) 2-50-48, 2-50-23
О производителе

The company “AlyZip” has been producing zippers for more than 15 years. Manufacture of zippers, sewing accessories wholesale — the main activity of the company.


Own production in Russia, wholesale supplies of sewing accessories, wholesale sales of zippers.


In the catalogue there is large selection of tractor, spiral, as well as metal and hidden zippers (“finished” and roll zippers) and sliders of different types and colours. The length of the “finished” zipper starts 8 cm. and grows by 0.5 cm. Production time — 5-7 days.


More than 15 years on the market of sewing accessories. Russia’s largest manufacturer of zippers. 1500 m2 of production space. Own production of paint and tape puller.



Production Enterprise “AlyZip” today is the largest manufacturer of fasteners and popular zippers in Russia and the CIS.

Monthly release turnover of zippers: over 1.000.000 pieces.

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